Rich Web Design And Communications Inc.


The Process

process 1.jpg

1. Initial Consultation – Understanding your goals

RWDC & Customer - Discussion on website content, look and feel
Together, we discuss what you want. We determine the structural and functional needs of the website. Specifically, we:

  • identify needs and goals of the website (e.g., What should website visitors see and remember? What message are you trying to communicate through the website? How will you motivate them to act on your message? );
  • discuss your clients/customers (e.g.,who will the website visitors be? );
  • discuss content1 (e.g., photos, logos, text, 'look and feel'); and
  • discuss timelines, as well as costs2 (e.g., is there a deadline for your site to go live? Do you need a hosting plan, …).


process 2.jpg

2. Design – Choosing the website’s Look and Feel

RWDC - Production of mock-ups
We provide mock-ups based on your requirements and requests.

Customer - Approval of mock-up / signing of contracts
You choose a mock-up. Both parties agree on the website to be created, as well as on terms and conditions of the service to be provided. A contract is signed. You make the 1st payment (i.e., 40% of cost).




Process 3.jpg

3. Development – Bringing your website to Life

RWDC - Production/testing of website

We design and code the website in accordance with the approved mock-up. We then test the website to ensure that there are no bugs or broken links

Customer - Provision of any required information.
You provide pictures, text, links, or other information that are required for the website.1

Customer - Review of website / RWDC - Incorporation of feedback
You review the website (which is not open to the public) and provide any comments and requests for modifications that are within the scope of the contract. We incorporate your feedback.



4. The Big Day – Launching your website

process 4.jpg 

Customer - Final approval of website / RWDC - Uploading of website to the Internet

You sign off - indicating approval of the website. We open the website to the public. You make the final payment (i.e., 60% of cost).



5. Update & Maintenance – Keeping your website Up-to-Date

process 5.jpgYou choose a maintenance term

Based on your choice, we can:

  • regularly check your website to ensure that it is up-to-date and functioning properly.
  • apply CMS patches and extension updates.
  • create backups on a schedule of your choosing.
  • Add additional functionality
  • Update content (text and Graphics). .

1 & 2 Additional Costs
If requested, RWDC will develop content and/or acquire graphics; help you to acquire a domain name and hosting plan; and, Security Certificate (SSL)