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Website types

Poster/Flyer Website

A poster/flyer website is a business poster online. This one-page website contains the same information that one would put on a printed poster or flyer. This type of website, which can include both text and graphics, is designed to grab the website visitor's attention and bring about a desired action (e.g., contact your business).  At RWDC, we can put your printed poster or flyer online or design a new one for you.

Marketing Website

A marketing website showcases your business. The goal is to get new customers by making it easier for them to find you. This type of website can build customer relationships by helping them become familiar with your services/products and notifying them of new services/products and promotions. Consequently, your customer base increases and your business grows.

Typically, marketing websites include information about you and/or your employees, your business, your products/services, your location and hours, contact information, and - most importantly - why to choose you. This type of website is more than an introduction to your business - the website vistor 'gets to know you'.

E-Commerce Website

An E-commerce website allows you to sell online. This type of website can include a fully functional storefront, inventory tracker, shopping cart system and payment options including invoices.

 See WEBSITES for characteristics of effective websites.